Here are some of the features that make our service awesome!

Hotel Booking Scheduler

The hotel booking system features a powerful scheduler control, which provides you with a visual overview of all current reservations. It's interactive interface gives you quick access to the most important features.

Reservation Management

The feature-rich reservation management system gives you complete control. Features include, provisional and confirmed reservations, check-in, check-out, secondary statuses and payment received.

Guest Expenses

Create pre-defined expense items, charge and modify guest or miscellaneous accounts and track guest expenses.

Miscellaneous Accounts

Create and manage miscellaneous accounts for your conference facility, hosting of functions and other non-accommodation related services.


The invoicning engine automatically generates invoices on guest check-out and you have the option of e-mailing the invoice to the guest or guest-agent. Provisional Invoices and invoice editing are also supported


Keep track of your revenue stream and occupancy statistics with the detailed graphical reporting feature.


At the click of a few buttons, send statements to your guests to remind them of outstanding invoices.

Guest Management

Guest management is made easy with UbiBook. Create, manage, delete guests, track previous reservations and more...

Continuous Integration

We listen to our customers and integrate new features and improvements on a continuous basis.